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Margarita Mania

Classic ‘ritas


Speciality ‘ritas


Premium ‘ritas


Mexican Margaritas



How to Drink Tequila

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The Sierra Plank

All prices are in Malaysian ringgit and subject to 6% government tax & 10% service charge. Prices subject to change.


Loco’s offers over 50 margaritas…and counting!
Given the iconic nature of the drink, we at LOCO have looked far
and wide to develop a totally genuine margarita experience.
We use a carefully guarded secret recipe to make you that perfectly balanced
and delicious ‘rita!
Enjoy as many loco-licious flavours as you can!!!

Enjoy our classic or speciality ‘rita’s neat, on the rocks or ice-blended, in 4 sizes :
Shooter (50ml)      RM10 Grande (250ml)      RM35
Regular (150ml)      RM25 Jug     (1,250ml)      RM95


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Classic ‘ritas

Loco Classic

Cola ‘rita

Fizzy ‘rita

Just 3 delicious ingredients. well, 4 if you count the salt!
José Cuervo Gold, triple sec, our secret sours mix
Our original margarita recipe, mixed with COCA-COLA Our original margarita recipe, mixed with SPRITE


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Speciality ‘ritas


Made with the delicious the nectar of the bees

El Diablo

A spicy little number! bird’s eye chilli steeped in our tequila

007 ‘rita

Channel your inner james bond with GIN in your ‘rita

El Toro

Made with REDBULL, you can definitely be bullish about this!


A mojito with an identity crisis…it wants to be a margarita!!

Margarita Sunrise

a twist on the classic – orange juice, grenadine and tequila

Electric ‘rita

Relive the neon 80’s with this blue curacao ‘rita

Vanilla ‘rita

Ice ice baby! made with french vanilla-bean syrup

Malibu ‘rita

Made with MALIBU coconut rum

Midori ‘rita

A sweet summer ‘rita made with MIDORI melon liqueur

Piña pasión ‘rita

our latest favourite: passion-fruit, pineapple and blue curaçao

Island ‘rita

Have a fruity blast with melon, raspberry and pineapple

Caramel ‘rita

dessert in a drink! made with sweet & sticky caramel syrup

Coco ‘rita

everything but the beach! Made with premium coconut syrup


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Premium ‘ritas

We’ve taken our classic Margarita recipe, then added ingredients to make life…well, more interesting.
why? Because we can!


Choose neat, on the rocks or ice-blended in our Premium size (200ml)       RM36

* Loco’s must-try!

















Death-row ‘rita *

No one will give you clemency. made with ABSINTHE & PEPPERMINT LIQUEUR

Hazel ‘rita

If you have a sweet-tooth, you will love this ‘rita made with  FRANGELICO hazelnut liqueur

Italo ‘rita

Capture the essence of Italy with AMARETTO and orange

Corona ‘rita *

An atomic cocktail, made with a whole   bottle of CORONA mexican beer

Kentucky ‘rita

Only for the hardcore! made with JACK DANIEL’s bourbon

Samba ‘rita*

The islands come alive in this ‘rita made with MALIBU coconut rum and pineapple juice

Sangria ‘rita

Go latin with red wine & fresh fruit

Apple-pie ‘rita

A brightly fresh ’rita made with CALVADOS brandy and  APPLE LIQUEUR


The Corona ‘rita *


Orgasmo ‘rita*

there’s no faking it with this awesome concoction of CRÈME DE CACAO, AMARETTO and BANANA LIQUEUR

Jamaica ‘rita

made with CAPTAIN MORGAN premium spiced rum, this ‘rita is bold and flavourful


Porto ‘rita*

Unusual….but it works! made with COCKBURNS port

Mali-blu ‘rita

Plan your next holiday with this ’rita of MALIBU coconut rum and BLUE CURACAO


Flaming ‘rita

Eyebrows might get singed…a flaming shot of SAMBUCCA over your ‘rita

Cherry ‘rita

Satisfy your sweet tooth with cherry liqueur in your ‘rita


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Mexican Margaritas

Fresh & fruity ‘ritas, the perfect concoction for KL’s balmy evenings!

Have it neat, on the rocks or ice-blended, in 4 sizes:

shooter (50ml) RM10
Regular (150ml) RM24
Grande (250ml)RM RM36
Jug (1,250ml) RM98



Current Flavours

(New flavours are added every week. Please ask our bar staff for the latest!)


Wacky Watermelon Summer Strawberry Gimme Kiwi!
Pom-pom Pomelo Rockmelon Rave Rockmelon & Honey
Apple of my Eye Mango-loco Spicy Mango
Pineapple Party Pineapple & Mint Lovely Lychee
Perfect Peach Cute Cranberry Raspberry Beret
Raspberry & Chilli Great Grapefruit Blackberry Blast
Pretty Passionfruit Cool Cucumber Strawberry-nana
  Soursop Sally  

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How to drink Tequila

“NEAT” no salt, no lime
“CRUDA” with salt, with lime
“SANGRITA”  2 shot glasses1 with neat tequila, and the other with a chaser of sangrita
(tomato juice, orange juice, mango juice, a dash of Tabasco, salt & pepper)ADD: RM 3
“BANDERA” 3 shot glasses1 with lime juice, 1 with neat tequila, and the 3rd with a sangrita, to be drunk one after the otherADD: RM 4


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Tequila Selection

Jose Cuervo Especial 18 300  Patron Anéjo 34  500
Jose Cuervo Tradicional 24 375 Gran Centenario Reposado 24 375
Sauza Gold 18 300 Gran Centenario Anéjo 26 395
Sauza Hornitos 22 350 Gran Centenario Silver 24 375
Monte Alban Mezcal 100% Agave 22 350 Sierra Silver 18 300
Don Julio Reposado 24 375 Sierra Reposado 18 300
Don Julio Anéjo 24 375  Sierra Antiguo Anéjo 22 350
1800 Anéjo Reserva 26 395  Sierra Milenario Blanco 22 350
Patron Silver 30 450  Sierra Milenario Reposado 24 375
Patron XO Café 24 375  Sierra Milenario Extra Anéjo 26 395
 Patron XO Café Dark Cacao 24  375      


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Loco’s Signature Flavoured Tequila

Tequila shots will never be the same again!
These signature shooters are made from a blend of tequila, and premium syrupsONE SHOT (30ml)      12
THREE SHOTS (3 x 30ml)     32
Blood Orange
Red Bull
Crème de Cacao White


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The Patron Experience

4 shots of this ultra-premium tequila        100
(1 shot of each: Anejo, Silver, XO Café and XO Café Dark)

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The Sierra Plank

Walk the plank!
Purchase 10 shots of the same type of tequila (on the THE plank) and get 1 shot free.

(all shots must be the same type of tequila)

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